Is Snorkeling Better in Maui or Kauai? (& Their Best Sites)

Is Snorkeling Better in Maui or Kauai

Suppose you’re heading off to Hawaii for vacation and have your pick of these two islands. 

The deciding factor for underwater exploration junkies between Maui and Kauai could be down to which has the best snorkeling.

Snorkeling is the number one activity for visitors to the Hawaiian islands as a whole and is of high quality across the board.

But if you’re looking for the best of the best, we’re here to help.

We’re going to look in detail to help you make your own choice, but in terms of:

  • the number of snorkel sites to visit
  • sea conditions
  • quality of the coral reefs, and
  • the amount and variety of aquatic life to see,

Maui offers the best snorkeling and is actually regarded as the best in all Hawaii and accordingly the United States.

Whatever your experience level or interest, you’ll find a real snorkeler’s paradise in Maui, so let’s take a look together and get ready for some aquatic adventures.

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How Is Snorkeling Different In Maui Compared to Kauai?

Snorkeling in Hawaii is a treat, whichever island you pick.

To choose between snorkeling the second largest of the Hawaiian islands, Maui, and the fourth Kauai, you’ll want to consider the range of spots available, the accessibility, and what you might see.

For scuba divers, it’s hard to choose between Maui and Kauai, but for snorkelers who have different requirements, like preferring calm surface conditions and easy access in and out of the water, we think the choice is more straightforward.

Don’t get us wrong, that’s not to say that the snorkeling in Kauai is terrible by any means.

It’s just that Maui is so excellent that it stands out.

On the majority of the Hawaiian islands, the top snorkeling spots are usually on the western sides.

One reason is that these are generally the drier sides of the islands with less rain runoff meaning that the sea visibility will be better there.

As it gets notably less rain than Kauai each year, the water visibility on Maui is better, and the snorkeling accordingly more enjoyable.

Both islands have a vast range of beaches to choose from for snorkeling.

Maui has many swimmable beaches along the western shore that are often contained inside protected bays and are readily accessible by road, so you can rent a car and visit at your schedule.

These bays feature beautiful calm waters almost all of the year and are ideal for relaxed snorkeling with healthy coral reefs and an abundance of tropical fish.

For more experienced snorkelers, there are also numerous open-water sites on Maui that offer even greater quality to go with the more advanced conditions.

Rainforest-covered Kauai has the largest number of separate beaches of any Hawaiian island. 

However, many cannot be reached by road, so the overall choice is reduced unless a boat is used.

Kauai bucks the trend of the other islands, and the key snorkeling sites are actually on its north, south, and east coasts.

Because these sites are more exposed, snorkeling seas in Kauai tend to be more challenging than in Maui, with the chance for rougher conditions like swells and sometimes strong currents.

Kauai north shore sites are often inaccessible in the winter, and conversely, the southern areas are sometimes off-limits in summer, so depending on the time of year, you can be limited in where you can go.

Which of the Two Has More Shore Snorkeling Spots?

Maui has the most recognized shore snorkeling spots with its long coastline and a more significant number of readily accessible beaches.

Maui sites are primarily on the western coast and are accessible almost all of the year.

The Kauai sites are spread across the north, south, and east coasts, and suitability for snorkeling changes throughout the year with conditions.

Due to the effects of the sea conditions, Kauai spots can get more crowded than those on Maui as visitors have fewer to choose from to snorkel safely if the conditions are rough.

Do Both Islands Offer Boat Snorkeling Tours?

Both islands offer boat snorkeling trips which make for an excellent morning or day out.

The most popular Maui boat trip is to snorkel the famous Molokini Crater marine sanctuary.

This sunken, extinct volcano crater has probably the very best water visibility for snorkeling anywhere in Hawaii.

Because Molokini is out away from the main island and is surrounded by deeper water it can also have the chance to see some of the very best sea life.

Don’t worry about conditions for snorkeling because the inside of the crater is sheltered most of the time, giving perfect conditions.

The boat trips to Lanai or Molokai Islands from Maui are also very popular and provide access to these islands’ beautiful and usually very quiet snorkel spots.

Kauai boat trips can take you to the island’s sites that can’t be reached by land, including stunning locations around the rugged northern Na Pali coast or Poipu in the south.

There are also off-shore boat trips to the beautiful Niihau island located about 18 miles from Kauai.

While the journey there can be rough, drift snorkeling at Niihau is spectacular and well worth the trip.

Is Snorkeling More Beginner Friendly in Maui or Kauai?

Both islands have opportunities for beginners, but it is fair to say that because it has a larger variety of calmer water sites in its bays that Maui is friendlier for beginner snorkelers.

If you are starting, then we recommend going with a beginner’s guided trip so that you have the comfort of an experienced pair of eyes keeping a watch on you.

Beginners can follow our safety tips on how to get the most out of their snorkeling and stay safe.

Is Snorkeling Safer in Maui or Kauai?

It’s important to remember to always adhere to safe snorkeling practices and only enter waters suitable for your ability levels.

Snorkelers should always stay with a buddy, take note of the sea conditions and local information, and always wear a buoyancy aid like a snorkel vest.

If you’re sensible, then there shouldn’t be much to choose between the islands for safety. 

However, we would say snorkeling is probably marginally safer in Maui due to Kauai’s generally more challenging sea conditions that could catch beginners out.

Which Island Has More Coral Reefs?

Maui has more coral reefs, including three protected Marine Natural Area Reserves; Kahekili, Ahihi-Kinau, and Honolua Bay.

Kauai reefs are still spectacular, but the smaller island has fewer of them.

Are the Coral Reefs Equally Diverse and Beautiful?

The marine protected areas of Maui are exceptionally diverse and beautiful, and you’ll find the healthiest hard corals of all the main islands of Hawaii in Maui’s waters.

A higher number of the Maui reefs are in depths ideal for snorkeling over too.

Kauai’s reefs are smaller and tend to be a little less spectacular, although this is often due to the poorer water visibility.

Which Island Has More Fish and Underwater Life Accessible to Snorkelers?

Both islands are surrounded by seas packed with marine life and will keep even the most experienced fish spotter content for days.

Although they’re commonly seen on both islands, Maui is particularly famous for the effectively guaranteed snorkeling opportunities with sea turtles.

Indeed, there is a south Maui snorkel site that’s been named “Turtle Town.”

The Molokini Crater, accessible by boat from Maui, gives adventurous snorkelers the chance to see the widest variety of life possible with everything from small reef life to the opportunity for larger species, including manta rays and even whale sharks.

Truly, Molokini is some of the best snorkeling you’ll find anywhere, as well as being a spectacular sight above water.

If you’re visiting Kauai and want the site with the most extensive diversity of life, then the boat trip to Niihau island is a must.

You might even get the chance to see the rare Hawaiian Monk Seal.


Whichever island you choose, there’s fantastic snorkeling to be found.

With a wider variety of sites to choose from and generally easier conditions, the island of Maui is an excellent all-around choice that will not disappoint.

Kauai also has excellent snorkeling, particularly what’s available by boat.

However, as the weather can often restrict site selection and the conditions could be more challenging, we have to say that overall, Maui has the best snorkeling of these two islands.

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